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1. Dancers are to arrive promptly for class, preferably five minutes before, and be dressed in proper dress code.

2. There is no eating, drinking, or chewing gum allowed in the studio, lobby, and/or dressing rooms.

3. Dancers are not permitted to talk loudly/excessively or be distracting during class.

4. Dancers are to use the restroom PRIOR to class.

5. Dancers are not permitted to leave the studio without the teacher’s permission.

6. Behavioral problems will be dealt with between the student, parent, and teacher/management.

7. Dancers will be placed in classes according to their skill level as determined by an instructor. Students age, physical size, or parental opinion will not affect the students placement. Dance Studio M offers a variety of classes so that we can accommodate our students needs the best way possible. However, if a student cannot find a class that suites them we do offer privates/semi-private classes that will allow the student to achieve their full potential.

8. Class size and instructors are decided by management.

9. Classes with less then four students may be canceled or rescheduled.

10. The studio door will be closed during class time. Observation can be done on the television in the lobby. Anyone causing a distraction to the class will be asked to leave.

11. Students are expected to show respect towards the instructors, other students, management, and the property inside and outside the building.

12. Barres, mirrors, and other studio equipment are only permitted for use upon the instructor’s directions


Attendance Policy

Dancers are expected to keep good attendance. Like any other discipline, dance includes a continual progression of material. Substantial absence from a class will greatly affect the students ability to advance.

Missed classes do not affect tuition. Missed classes may be made-up at a similar class that will be advised be either your instructor or management.

Cancelled classes will be made up on a date determined by the instructor. They may not necessarily be on the same day or time as the scheduled class. Students will not be reimbursed for canceled classes. This applies to classes canceled due to inclement weather, as well.



If students decide to withdraw from a class they must notify the office as soon as possible. Students will be responsible for payment for all classes prior to notification


Photo/Video Policy

Photographs and Videos of classes and performances taken at Dance Studio M and Dance Studio M performances may be used to promote the studio in brochures and online. If you prefer that you or your dancer not be photographed, please notify Dance Studio M at registration.